Birds of Southern Africa

Marabou Stork - Not often seen outside major game reserves where it scavenges at lion kills.
Ground Hornbill - Also know to the locals as the Mortician Bird. Omnivorious. It has been report that it will fly into a troop of baboons to steal the young. Habitat is broad-leafed woodland and thotnveld.

Kori Bustard - The largest flying bird on Earth although reluctent to fly except when threatened. Habitat is dry thornveld, grassland and semi-desert.
Lilacbreasted Roller - Harsh squarks and screams when courting. Habitat is mixed areas of thornveld and is often seen along the roadside.

Saddlebilled Stork - Always close to fresh water or seen striding over nearby grasslands.
Male Ostrich - The only bird as large as man. The last of the genuine wild ostriches occur only in northern Namibia and the Kalahari.

Secretarybird -  Endangered. In the last century it's quills were prized among European scrivners. Habitat is the open grassland from the coast to high altitudes. Avoids thick bush and forests.
Spotted Eagle Owl - Frequents a wide range of habitats but avoids thick forest. In Gauteng (where we live) it is commonly known that it feeds on house cats and small dogs. If Mbali and Alba were to go missing one evening, good chance they met this guy.

Photos by Jennifer and Mike