NASCAR Grand National events held at the Islip Speedway

Date Event Winner Career Win Owner Car
July 15 1964 39 of 62 Billy Wade 3 of 4 Bud Moore Mercury
July 14 1965 32 of 55 Marvin Panch 16 of 17 Wood Brothers Ford
July 16 1966 33 of 49 Bobby Allison 2 of 84 JD Braken Chevrolet
July 15 1967 32 of 49 Richard Petty 63 of 200 Petty Engineering Plymouth
July 07 1968 26 of 49 Bobby Allison 11 of 84 JD Braken Chevrolet
July 15 1971 30 of 48 Richard Petty 131 of 200 Petty Engineering Plymouth


photo: Ken Spooner  "Long Ride on a Short Track"

Larry Mendelsohn and Bobby Allison

1966's 300 lap Big Event Winner was the unknown Bobby Allison in a non-factory Chevrolet owned by JD Braken. Ford's boycott that year because rules allowed Chrysler's 426 c.i. HEMI on intermediate and full size cars on short tracks . Chevrolet stopped factory sponsorship in 1957. Allison's win was one of Chevrolet's few in the muscle car Sixties.

Marvin Panch 1965

Marvin Panch's 1965 Wood Brothers Ford

At 2/10th of a Mile, Islip Speedway is Shortest Track ever used in NASCAR's Grand National / Winston Cup 50 Year History.


Billy Wade was NASCAR Rookie of the Year in 1963. He won only 4 races in his career. His 4 consecutive victories came in 9 days from July 10 to July 19, 1964. Billy Wade died on January 7, 1965 while testing tires at the Daytona Speedway.


Richard Petty's 1967 season was and will be the most dominant season ever run. It is the season that earned him the title "The King." 27 wins in 49 races.


Richard Petty's 1971 victory marked the last NASCAR Grand National event to be held at the Islip Speedway.


In 1972 NASCAR entered the modern era with 31 races. Winston became the major sponsor and demanded that all races under 250 miles be dropped. Islip lost its draw.